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Date: 03/03/2014

By: Dave Robinson

Subject: balaclava

who would have thought it, Balaclava back in the news after all these years. Must bring back memories for Dick.

Date: 04/03/2014

By: Garry Canham

Subject: Re: balaclava


Are you suggesting that Dick Mather was involved in that battle. I know he is a modest type of bloke but I would have thought he would have mentioned it more than once!!

Date: 01/03/2014

By: Charlie

Subject: Cavalry Calls

What a load a wind!
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Date: 21/02/2014

By: Charlie

Subject: British Gas

Pinched from another OBA site.
Received my annual renewal for the British Gas central heating contract today - the monthly D/D had increased by almost 20%, so a bit (!?!) incensed, I phoned 'em up.
I selected option 3, "Are you thinking of leaving us" and fairly quickly (for British Gas) was connected to their Rep.
After the usual guff as to why their costs had risen & me telling her how my pension HADN'T risen by 20%, she agreed to drop the increase to a more reasonable 3%, & so the call ended with us both fairly happy !
The point is (for my Rant of the Day), if they could reduce the increase so readily after me complaining, it proves they just "try it on" hoping people will just accept the increase without a murmur - no wonder their profits were announced today at £571 million, they rely on us "oldies" not complaining, so guys, don't accept these increases without a fight !

Date: 21/02/2014

By: Dick Mather

Subject: Brown Boots

In the days before BD's were phased out (early 60's) I recall the WO's in the QOH were issued brown boots, I was also told that they were Canadian Army boots .........

Neville, hope your current footwear is keeping your feet nice and warm during your winter ...... please keep the snow on your side of the pond !

Hope all are well,

Date: 22/02/2014

By: Charlie

Subject: Re: Brown Boots

I was tempted to say something about the QOH and brown boots but thought better of it. It will keep!

Date: 22/02/2014

By: Garry Canham

Subject: Re: Re: Brown Boots

I heard/read that!!!!

Date: 20/02/2014

By: Charlie

Subject: Latest News


The future for British Army bases in Germany has been confirmed by the UK Defence Secretary
Philip Hammond today.

Details were set out in the Army Basing Plan which clarifies for the first time the Army’s future
permanent UK locations and the timetable for the drawdown of troops from Germany back to the

The UK Government announced in 2010 that the British Army will be brought back from Germany
by 2020. These changes will provide savings and efficiencies for the Army, a sustainable military
footprint to support military operations and certainty for personnel and their families.

Since 2010, some troops have already returned leaving approximately 16,000 still in Germany. The
planning for completing the remaining return from Germany is well advanced. We are on track to
reduce our presence there by 50% by 2015 and to have completed the return by 2020. The
retention of a small training presence in Germany is under consideration but we will be closing all
major unit locations, as well as 22 Service Children’s Schools and 14 Medical Centres.

The main elements of today’s announcement are:

o Bergen-Hohne Garrison (including Fallingbostel) – to be vacated by the end of

o Herford Station – to be vacated by late 2015.

o Niederkrüchten-Elmpt Station – to be vacated by end of 2015.

o Gütersloh Princess Royal Barracks – to be vacated by the end of 2016.

o Paderborn Garrison (including Sennelager), - not expected to be vacated before

o Bielefeld Station –. Not expected to be vacated before 2017.

o Gütersloh Mansergh Barracks –. Not expected to be vacated before 2017

Date: 19/02/2014

By: Bob Inglis

Subject: boots

HI Charlie I remember being issued with Brown Boots when I first joined the Boys Squadron in 1952

Date: 19/02/2014

By: Charlie

Subject: Re: boots

I also remember wearing a cheese-cutter for a short time Bob

Date: 20/02/2014

By: Garry Canham

Subject: Re: Re: boots

Ok I know it's a stupid question but nevertheless I'm going to ask it........... What is a cheese-cutter?

Date: 20/02/2014

By: Bert Marner

Subject: Re: Re: Re: boots

is it not a peak cap with the peak cut back?

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