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Date: 30/01/2020

By: Bert Marner

Subject: Re: old Boy's

Us old Boy's from the early to mid 50's are getting thin on the ground.

So very true - I can remember at least 6 just on one hand ! Let me see: Eifel Tower, Tower of London. Marble Arch...….Oh &%£**&..... where was I going with this ?????

Date: 31/01/2020

By: Mick Burgess

Subject: Re: Re: old Boy's

You silly BOY pour yourself a glass of milk settle down with a boiled and bread / Butter Have a calm W/E.

Date: 03/02/2020

By: kev alexander

Subject: Re: Re: old Boy's

We may be getting thinner on the ground. But. I'm getting thicker in the waist.

Date: 04/02/2020

By: Bert Marner

Subject: Re: Re: Re: old Boy's

Oink! Oink!

Date: 25/01/2020

By: Dick Mather

Subject: Birthday Greetings

Many Happy Returns of The Day John, keep them coming.

Date: 27/01/2020

By: johnT Walker

Subject: Re: Birthday Greetings

Thank you both Neville & Dick...I feel really good for 80 ..well and a bit now !!....Just anther day really I suppose ..Regards to you both & all others looking in.John.Oxford.UK.

Date: 24/01/2020

By: johnT Walker

Subject: Info.

22 January 2020 — News story

Government fulfils promise to veterans with new railcard
Military veterans to get cut-price train travel to help boost job prospects and bring them closer to family and friends.

Available soon !.

Regards John.

Date: 19/01/2020

By: Charlie

Subject: PTI Pullovers

The regimental PTI's now wear white tops with red piping

Date: 20/01/2020

By: Neville in Canada

Subject: Re: PTI Pullovers

Thanks Charlie !! Has the APTC been disbanded? Everything is going to hell in a handcart. But one thing is for sure you can always be relied on. Keep up the great work my friend.

Date: 21/01/2020

By: Charlie

Subject: Re: Re: PTI Pullovers

No Nev still going strong and now called the Royal Army Physical Training Corps.

Date: 12/01/2020

By: Charlie

Subject: JLR Staff

Hello Kev
Can you remember the PTI Sgt who was with us during our stay with the JLR.?
He came from Dorchester and my next door neighbour is ex APTC but I cant remember his name which is bugging both of us.

By the way, have the fires effected you?


Date: 12/01/2020

By: kev alexander

Subject: Re: JLR Staff

Yes mate. Sidney (Sean) Kibby.
I heard Nortm Hales sprung him running (sans clothes) through the woods..Also that he ended up as a Lt. Col. in the APTC. "Promote and Post".

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