Date: 05/01/2014

By: Charlie

Subject: Open to discussion

Robbo has asked me to add an article to the site which I have added to the Photo Gallery. It is the last one on the last page.This is what he put:

Charlie. Having been a little bored over the Xmas period I thought I would catch up on the tank magazine which is passed onto me usually about twelve months after issue. What caught my eye was this from the 1962 issue. Now I cant say I was aware of these thoughts at that time, but I was only twenty, and most likely they weren't uppermost in my mind. But what I found interesting was that I was actually reading the 2013 summer edition of the Tank, and a couple of pages on in the letters page there was a couple of letters advocating the exact thoughts of 50 years ago. It would seem that a General Deverell as spoken in favour of a single cap badge armoured corps. Now fifty years on with most of the old history of the old Regiments tucked away in Museums and forgotten, perhaps this is a good idea. Could you put this on the site please? It would be interesting to see what other members thoughts are. Many thanks robbo

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